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OFFLINE CLIPS (old videos no longer on the server)

Please note that our culling procedure is to keep all clips online for 3 years. Clips older than 3 years old are removed from the server to free up more space so we can bring you more new clips. If you are selecting an old video it may have been taken offline, so when you try to download it you may see this error message ...

  There was some problem downloading the file.

If you see this message, don't panic, just EMAIL ME with the filename you ordered and I will re-upload it for you and give you a new download link.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR REGULAR WAMTEC CUSTOMERS: Don't have a credit card and prefer to use Paypal. You can get extra free Megastore files (from 2 to 16 files per month) and save 50% to 60% by joining our blog and/or our channel. You can use Paypal and then as a member you can choose your benefit levels to get 2 to 16 free Megastore files per month.

Email me for questions and free download links.


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